This Kodi Setup Wizard has been configured aroung Kodi 17.3/4/5/6 versions
Making Kodi Easy – A one click Kodi setup app that has everything that you need


1. The first thing you should do after installing the recomended apps listed abouve.

Click on the My Android App and remove all of your old apps, then click on the Quick Clean App

2. After removing all of your old and unused apps and cleaning your system

Run the Setup Wizard App and follow the onscreen prompts. After you have closed the app just restart it and you will be good to go.


Q1 When I click on a Movie or TV Show option it takes forever to load

When you first install the Smart Setup your system will be a bit sluggish for the first hour or so, after you have been using the system the addons that you use will start to become more responsive.

Q2 When I press on the START button in the wizard nothing happens

Did you follow the above installation instructions? If not please do so now. Also make sure that you are connected to the internet.

Q3 When I click on an option in Exodus or Elysium I dont get any Movie or TV Show Lists

Please make sure that you have turned off parental control in your internet providers control panel and make sure that you are connected to the internet

Q4 I only see videos from the year 1970 and earlier (or year X and earlier)!

This means that you have not set up the time and date on your Kodi device. Please make sure that your date and time is set to today’s today. It will default to 1970, which is why you don’t see any new sources.

Q5 When I click on a show or movie, I see the “working” symbol but nothing happens.

This problem has been reported by users who use BT as their internet service provider. If you use BT, disable your “home hub smart setup” and see if this fixes your issue. Alternatively, you can sign up for a VPN service like IPVanish and make yourself appear as if you are from a different location and ISP.